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Automated Tool Wear Compensation Software

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CNC Sensor Analysis System

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Streamlined Process Automation

In addition, we are the official distributor of Blum-Novotest products in the greater Northeastern United States.

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In-Process Measuring Technology


  • Automate Processes
  • Eliminate Error
  • Reduce Setup and Cycle Time
  • Run Lights Out!

At Caron Engineering, we are in the business of helping manufacturers find solutions for all their machining challenges

Caron Engineering Product Line

Our smart technology products will automate and optimize your manufacturing before, during, and after cutting.


Tool Monitoring
Adaptive Control

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In-Process Metrology

Introducing, MiConnect Technology!

MiConnect Technology is custom application builder, designed specifically for the CNC manufacturing environment, to streamline process automation and control. MiConnect has a growing inventory of pre-built drivers and operators, and a flexible flow-chart style design infrastructure that makes it easy for our integration specialists to create unique solutions for our customers in a fraction of the time!

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We can use this technology to:
  • Connect devices and operations on a shop floor
  • Automate and simplify manufacturing processes
  • Guide and verify operator interaction and process flow
  • Data inter-change
  • And, much more!


Since 1986, we are proud to be a leading provider of tool monitoring, automation, and process control systems for the manufacturing industry. Our growing product line of smart technology combines high-precision sensors with advanced monitoring capability to reduce cycle times, promote unattended operation, eliminate human-error, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to machines and work-holding.

Did you miss our lights-out machining demo at IMTS?

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Caron Engineering Featured Solutions

Our products incorporate a wealth of capabilities to increase performance, productivity, and profitability for all manufacturing industries.

  • Tool Wear And Breakage

    Tool Wear and Breakage

  • Adaptive Control Feed Rate Optimization Caron Engineering

    Automated Feed Rate Control

  • DTect-IT Bar Feeder Vibration

    Bar Feeder Vibration Detection

  • RFID Tool Management

    RFID Tool Management

  • DTect-IT Roughness Detection

    Roughness Detection

  • Man holding bad spindle bearings

    Bearing Analysis

  • Automated Tool Compensation tool and screenshot

    Error-Free Offset Control

  • DTect-IT Probe Surface Scan

    Probe Surface Scanning


Check out the results our customers are seeing by implementing Caron Engineering technology to optimize their manufacturing operations.


Barcode ID ToolConnect Caron Engineering

New Barcode ID Integration with Caron Engineering’s ToolConnect System

ToolConnect is a process control system that automatically transfers tool measurement data that is generated by a tool presetter and sends it directly to the CNC control.  This system was designed for tools with RFID tags embedded in tool holders as the primary data carriers. Now, ToolConnect can also transfer tool measurement data via 2D (presetter) printed barcode tags.

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Signature Analysis Software Ideal for Monitoring Constant Surface Speed Cutting

Caron Engineering has a new signature analysis feature for CNC machining to accurately monitor the exact path of a tool in cut. This is a new feature added to their product line in both their TMAC (adaptive tool monitoring system) and DTect-IT (sensor/software monitoring suite) products.

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Caron Engineering Will Feature the Latest Technologies for Automation and Process Control at EASTEC 2023

By Brianna Toulouse | February 9, 2023

Caron Engineering will be featuring their newest monitoring, automation, and process control technologies for manufacturing outfitted on a Tsugami SS327-5AX for a fully automated machining demonstration in booth 5359 at EASTEC 2023. The product highlight will be their latest software innovation, MiConnect Technology. MiConnect Technology is a flexible and customizable application builder specifically designed for …

Caron Engineering Will Feature the Latest Technologies for Automation and Process Control at EASTEC 2023 Read More »

MiConnect Technology – New Custom Application Builder for Manufacturing Automation

By Brianna Toulouse | February 6, 2023

Programming for custom automation solutions and communication for CNC related processes has always been very challenging and machine-specific due to customized coding and unique rigid infrastructure. Well, Caron Engineering’s new software innovation intends to make programming custom manufacturing applications that much simpler.   Introducing MiConnect Technology, a flexible and customizable application builder specifically designed for …

MiConnect Technology – New Custom Application Builder for Manufacturing Automation Read More »

In-Process Surface Roughness Analysis for CNC Machined Parts

By Brianna Toulouse | November 23, 2022

Caron Engineering has added in-process surface roughness measurement to the suite of applications for their DTect-IT product. DTect-IT is a versatile CNC sensor analysis system that takes in data from a multitude of high-precision sensors. The surface roughness measurement application uses the Blum-Novotest TC64 RG Digilog Probe as the sensor input in DTect-IT to analyze …

In-Process Surface Roughness Analysis for CNC Machined Parts Read More »

What are your manufacturing challenges?

Our product line is expansive in its capabilities, and customized to fit the users’ specifications. Let us know how we can help you find your best-fit manufacturing solutions!